Yacht security

The OptoSafe security system is wireless, portable, inconspicuous and contains a long-life battery for reliable, predictable operation.

The IDEAL Solution
OptoSafe System

  • The AlfaGuard be installed or moved between craft, in moments, without any necessity for wiring electrical systems or shore power.
  • OptoSafe is perfectly suited for all marine environments, whether fresh or sea water.
  • Once installed, the AlfaGuard is self-contained and self-operating, making it impossible to disable the security system without generating an alarm.
  • The AlfaGuard is a passive, silent security system, giving more time for a response from authorities, as there is no tip-off to burglars that an alarm has been tripped.
  • This OptoSafe portable security system is the ideal solution to protect any watercraft or accessories from theft and damage.
  • OptoSafe’s iPhone and Android gives the location of tracked items, using a built-in GPS and cellular network connection.
  • The OptoSafe TellMe app can be configured with a geo-fence to sound an alarm when a watercraft or associated accessory departs from a pre-designated region.
  • The AlfaGuard will pay for itself many times over, giving the owner true security and peace of mind that watercraft are secured from theft and unauthorized usage.
  • The AlfaGuard is the portable, intelligent 21st century robotic watchdog to provide complete security for all watercraft and accessories.