Your work van full of tools or your sales truck/trailer with merchandise is now able to automatically notify the dispatch center where and when it was stolen!

  • Not only do you face significant material losses but you are also likely to face a loss of income because you cannot work without your tools, wares or vehicle!
  • It enables the vehicle or stolen property to transmit a signal and/or sound an alarm if unauthorized persons interfere with the tools or merchandise. OptoSafe can also immediately indicate where this is happening using its built-in GPS. This product is ideal for securing loose items on or around construction sites or in public areas. It’s also great for campers or boats.

The ideal solution


  • Optionally, a sensorised iCover can be connected to secure your goods. If someone even touches this cover, let alone removes it, the AlfaGuard will transmit a signal to a cellular phone or an alarm centre. It’s ideal for contractors and construction workers, but also for market traders to monitor or follow goods.
  • Then there is the so-called iCord with you can use to fasten goods. If the cord is touched or cut, the alarm will be triggered. The sensitivity of the iCover and iCord are of course adjustable.
  • You can also put this smart device in your bag or tool box, so that you are notified if anyone touches it. The device also allows you to find or follow your suitcase, if it gets lost while you’re travelling.
  • Thanks to the integrated motion sensor, you can also use this unit, if desired in combination with the optional iCover, to safeguard sheds, barns, etc. If there is any movement in the room, work van, sales truck/trailer, camper or boat cabin, there will be an alarm. It’s also handy for securing, warehouses and garages.
  • Finally, a GeoFence can be used to notify you if your vehicles or trailers go outside a certain area. If desired, you can even connect a camera, siren or humidity sensor. The AlfaGuard can also be used to open or close locks remotely. In short, this promising new product has multiple, cutting-edge applications for commercial and private users.