Transportation Security

Securing transportation equipment and shipped goods can be very expensive and extremely challenging, due to many factors:

–        Unpredictable routes and schedules (traffic, road closures, breakdowns, operator illness, accidents, etc.)
–        Warehousing of goods for interim in-transit storage
–        Trailer security for drop and hook yards
–        Truck (Lorry) cab security while unattended
–        The need for continuous tracking of sensitive goods
–        Intermodal transitions (rail, ship, truck)
–        Mandatory surveillance requirements for certain goods

The IDEAL Solution:

The OptoSafe System

  • Many solutions exist on the market today to track the cab of a truck, but this is of limited value for tracking the actual goods in the trailer behind the cab, due to drop and hook operations, intermodal changeovers and switch out of cabs.
  • An exciting and dynamic new development in the OptoSafe product family is the AlfaGuard, a certifed device in a rugged housing,  that allows the  security system to be attached to the external front face of any standard  container. This option makes it possible to GPS track a sealed container continuously, from origin to destination.
  • With an AlfaGuard unit INSIDE the intermodal container, alerts will be generated in the case of break-in or unauthorized movement. The AlfaGuard unit INSIDE the intermodal container communicates events WIRELESSLY, for relay to the cellular phone network, using a patent-pending design which uses the existing ventilation ports on the container.
  • The AlfaGuard all-in-one GPS tracking and security alarm solution can be instantly installed in the cab of any truck to provide continuous tracking and real-time monitoring via the cellular telephone network.
  • With the AlfaGuard, the built in long-life battery makes it unnecessary to draw power from the vehicle and provides for the capability to rapidly move the security system from one truck cab to another, as needed.
  • The new OptoSafe TellMe app, available for iPhone and Android, provides continuous GPS tracking and security alerts for ALL OptoSafe units.
  • The advanced OptoSafe TellMe app can also be configured to generate alerts in the case of unplanned stops or any deviation from a pre-configured route.
  • With the AlfaGuard , sensitive goods shipments can TRULY be tracked from end-to-end, providing revolutionary new management capabilities for any freight.
  • AlfaGuard, the 21st century robotic watchdog, is the dependable, affordable, logical choice for securing and tracking freight, goods and transportation equipment.