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AlfaGuard FAQ


Is control of the Alfaguard complicated?

No, it is simple cause of the App, certainly after reading the manual or using the Quick Start Menu.

Can I simultaneously turn on multiple sensors?

Yes, a combination of different sensors is not only effective but also possible

Does the AlfaGuard work worldwide?

Yes, wherever there is 2G or 3G coverage and assuming a good connection.

The Alpha Guard does not seem to be functioning anymore. Is it defective?

Presumably your battery is empty. And you have no more credit on your SimCard so you did not receive the ‘low-batt’warning! Connect the charger and within a short time your AlfaGuard will be functioning again like before.

Is it difficult to connect the AMX?

No, if using the  manual and Quick Start Menu even extremely simple.

What is the maximum length of the OptoSafe fiberoptic sensorcable for securing eg. solar panels or fences? Does the same apply for the length of the sensorised rope, the iCord?

Without sharp bends the OptoSafe cable definitely will function about 200 meters. Shorter lengths are recommend with iCord applications, since there usually are more bends.

To what lengths the balcony edge protection strips are supplied and in what width?

Lengths are up to 10 meters and width range from 4 to 6 centimeters, up to your choice.

I want to connect a fiber optic cable or sensorised iCord on the AMX. What do I need?

Besides the cable or sensorised iCord a connector, which comes with it. However not so with the cable, herefore you need a special pair of tongs to clamp the cable to the connector.

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