Motor vehicles break-ins and thefts occur frequently, resulting in economic losses totaling billions of dollars annually.

The AlfaGuard is the modern, affordable, dependable, 21st century watchdog for motor vehicle security

OptoSafe is the IDEAL car alarm

  • The AlfaGuard unit can be stashed in an inconspicuous location in the vehicle interior,
    requiring no wiring and no integration with the vehicle electronic system.

OptoSafe instant installation and cellular notifications

  • The simple, affordable OptoSafe alarm provides continuous protection, notifications
    via the cellular phone network and rugged, dependable operation with a very long battery life.

OptoSafe GPS tracking

  • Integrated GPS tracking means that the owner will know the location of the vehicle
    at all times, providing security and peace-of-mind.

Existing car alarm solutions inadequate

  • Most all motor vehicles include systems to sound the horn in case of a break-in,
    but these alarms are easily set-off inadvertently, due to wind and vibrations.
  • Everyone has experienced a nearby car-alarm honking furiously, but these are unlikely
    to even be investigated, as most people will presume it is a false alarm.

Existing after-market car alarms can be expensive and unreliable

  • More sophisticated anti-theft solutions for motor vehicles do exist, such as LoJack, but they can be very expensive to install and maintain. Monthly monitoring fees aren’t uncommon.
  • There are many after-market car alarms available to consumers, but a frequent problem is malfunction due to problems with wiring and interference from other electronics.
  • There is also the issue of expensive and time-consuming installation.