Luggage Tracking

Lost luggage? It’s a thing of the past, with AlfaGuard!

The OptoSafe AlfaGuard is a handheld battery-operated unit designed to provide continuous tracking of luggage, suitcases and packages, while in-transit.

The AlfaGuard system features:

  • a rugged design
  • long-life battery
  • integrated GPS
  • cellular radio/ GSM

The AlfaGuard unit can provide continuous location updates and tracking to the owner’s iPhone via the TellMe app.

Simply place the AlfaGuard unit inside the luggage to be tracked and receive live location updates on the TellMe app for iPhone/Android.

The AlfaGuard cellular radio can be switched to AIRPLANE MODE while in-flight, to comply with all airline radio-transmitter regulations.

The TellMe app includes intelligent geo-fencing, vibration sensor and silent motion alarm capabilities, giving the user the capability to receive immediate notices if luggage is moved, transported or disturbed while in storage in the boot of a vehicle, at a hotel or train station.

The AlfaGuard is very affordable and is a necessity for any traveler.

Never call the lost luggage department again – get AlfaGuard TODAY!

AlfaGuard is the robotic, automated 21st century watchdog for today’s mobile society.