Building Site Security

Construction sites are notoriously difficult to secure, due to the constant stream of deliveries, haul-outs and unfamiliar personnel.

There are many challenges that must be met by the site security system:
– Securing buildings and sheds in an ever-changing landscape
– Securing supply materials such as lumber, concrete mix, piping, steel, wire, etc.
– Securing the site perimeter
– Securing valuable equipment and tools

The IDEAL Solution

OptoSafe System

  • The OptoSafe system is the IDEAL solution for construction sites, as it provides INSTANT
    real-time notification in the event of perimeter intrusion, vibration or movement.
  • The affordable, versatile, portable AlfaGuard unit can secure any materials, equipment, tools,
    buildings or even the entire site.
  • When the AlfaGuard  detects movement or vibration, an INSTANT notification
    is sent via the cellular network to the responsible party.
  • The OptoSafe system can be secreted inside a tractor, toolbox, shed, pallet of goods or
    anywhere valuable items and materials must be secured against unauthorized movement or theft.
  • The AlfaGuard is self-contained, operates wirelessly and is self-powered, with a long battery life for rugged and dependable operation.
  • There is no complex setup required with the OptoSafe system and the unit is capable
    of operating in the full range of weather conditions and temperatures.
  • The passive nature of the OptoSafe system doesn’t tip-off thieves that an alarm has been tripped,
    giving more time for a response from the authorities.
  • The AlfaGuard provides GPS tracking of secured goods, making it impossible for items to
    mysteriously disappear without a trace.
  • TheAlfaGuard is the 21st century robotic watchdog, suitable for ALL construction sites and materials.

Limitations of existing solutions

Video Cameras

Some video camera systems can send motion-based notifications and image snapshots,
but these are impractical in an outdoor environment due to animals, birds, flying debris such
as plastic bags and wind-flapped tarps. But also due to rain and fog

Less sophisticated video surveillance systems are even more problematic, in that there is
no real-time notification of intrusions and the video serves only as a record of evidence.

Security guards are expensive and easily become bored with the drudgery of continually
monitoring video surveillance feeds.

Central Alarms

Central alarms require monthly fees, installation and monitoring and can’t easily adapt to the ever-changing landscape of an active construction site.