AlfaGuard™ the mobile Watchdog


  • Motion Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Virtual Ring Fence (Geo Fence)
  • GPS Tracking
  • Internal buzzer
The AlfaGuard™ is an innovative product with 3 different sensors, providing a variety of useful mobile security solutions.

Are you looking for a reliable and easily adjustable mobile/cell alarm with GPS? If so, we have the solution for you! We have the ideal ‘watchdog’ to secure your transported goods, building materials, van or truck. It’s great for your  warehouse,  garage, barn,  holiday cottage, car, camper, boat and storage in the home or at the office, because the AlfaGuard™ mobile/cell alarm system does not need power or a landline! You can even use it worldwide as a rangeless panic button.
Smart-sensor technology and ease of use make the AlfaGuard™ perfect for innumerable applications. It comes with an adapter and it is available in 6 colorcombinations.  No extra monthly fees, just a SIM card!  Read more

CONNECTION OPTION TO NATIONAL ALARM CENTRE (Container security with external antenna)

SolarGuard™ : Diefstalbeveiliging + brandalarm voor zonnepanelen

De SolarGuard beschermd uw zonnepanelen tegen diefstal en vernieling. Toe te passen op vrijwel alle soorten frames. Ongevoelig voor weersomstandigheden zoals regen, wind of sneeuw. Ook is het systeem water- en UV-bestendig, terwijl er door dieren en planten geen vals alarm ontstaat. Het enige wat u hoeft te doen is de kabel door de SolarLock  doorvoeren te halen en deze te verbinden met de SolarGuard.

Eenvoudig te bedienen

De OptoTouch sensorkabel (tot 250 meter) wordt eenvoudig aangesloten op de SolarGuard in combinatie met uw huis- of beveiligingscentrale of zelfs mobiele telefoon.
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Van-Guard™ : combination of cargo space security and car-alarm


Your transport van with goods, building materials or tools can “call” you or the security centre to let you know where and when something was stolen!

OptoSafe has developed a new product, the Van-Guard. It’s a kind of mobile watchdog for all types of vans. This solution protects not only the van but also the goods in the cargo area as well. The Van-Guard ‘calls’ to tell you if an unauthorized person is trying to leave with the cargo or even with the entire van and lets you know where this is happening.  This information is provided by the built-in Track & Trace function of the GPS. No extra monthly fees, just a SIM card! Read more


  • GPS/GSM antenna
  • 8M-molding cable
  • Motion Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Virtual Ring Fence (Geo Fence)
User-friendly operation by SMS.

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Only available by the profesional caralarm shop.

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