AlfaGuard™ the mobile Watchdog



  • Motion Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Virtual Ring Fence (Geo Fence)
  • GPS Track & Trace
  • Mobile phone app
The AlfaGuard™ is an innovative product with 3 different sensors, providing a variety of useful mobile security solutions.

Are you looking for a reliable and easily adjustable mobile/cell alarm with GPS? If so, we have the solution for you! We have the ideal ‘watchdog’ to secure your transported goods, building materials, van or truck. It’s great for your  warehouse,  garage, barn,  holiday cottage, car, camper, boat and storage in the home or at the office, because the AlfaGuard™ mobile/cell alarm system does not need power or a landline! You can even use it worldwide as a rangeless panic button.
Smart-sensor technology and ease of use make the AlfaGuard™ perfect for innumerable applications. It comes with an adapter and it is available in 6 colorcombinations.  No extra monthly fees, just a SIM card!  Read more

User-friendly operation by SMS or smartphone app.

Click here to view the operationvideo and instructions   

OptoGuard™ the mobile Watchdog with fiber optic sensor



The OptoGuard™ has the same features as the AlfaGuard.

In addition, however it has a fiber optic sensor to secure all kinds of mobile goods with the sensorised i-Cord and iCover.  No extra monthly fees, just a SIM card!  Read more

sensorised i-Cord

sensorised i-Cover

Packed in handy case


Available in 6 color combinations

OptoSafe AMX™ Module

Balcony and roof detection as well as port and yacht security.

(Only via the certified installer)

Balcony and roof security is becoming increasingly popular. Since burglaries are becoming more common, individuals as well as companies want to detect intrusions at the earliest possible moment. This can prevent burglary and damage –  a double benefit. The OptoSafe™ system can be integrated into fences and can be applied invisibly on roofs with pressure mats (iMat™). The moment people enter the secured zone an alarm is generated.
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