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AlfaGuard by OptoSafe


Motion/PIR sensor with GPS

There are all kinds of applications that allow you to use the AlfaGuard™, thanks to the built-in Passive Infrared Detection. If an unwanted person enters the protected area you’ll get a warning direct to your phone or emergency call centre.

Virtual fence with GPS

Create a virtual fence. If this ‘fence’ is crossed by the secured object an alarm is activated allowing the car, boat, motorcycle or scooter to be tracked immediately. Then use your GPS.



Vibration sensor with GPS

Put the mobile ‘watchdog’ in your (delivery) van, car, trailer or boat or underneath the seat of your motorcycle or scooter. The vibration sensor generates an alarm if the vehicle moves.

Building sites, construction- and garden equipment, theft of expensive motor mowers and construction machines, eg mini power diggers, is an increasing problem that can cause expensive delays, which may not be reimbursed by insurance companies. Or a pallet with boxes, precious electronics, copper reels or an expensive device? As soon someone tries to touch your goods, you get a warning. If you then give a GPS command you can follow your possessions or cargo!

GPS Track & Trace

On a businesstrip or on holiday? And you want to be sure that that your suitcase is safe? Put the AlfaGuard in your bag. If the bag gets lost,  simply choose the GPS command to locate it. Wherever it is!

Panic button

Most panic buttons have a limited range in and around the house. This because they usually work on WiFi or Bluetooth. But the AlfaGuard can be used worldwide. If you don’t feel well or feel threatened, wherever you are, one push on the button and you can alert family, friends, police or an emergency room. Within moments they will know exactly where you are, thanks to the GPS function!